Welcome to a new kind of first-time homebuyers guide, this series is made to simplify the entire home buying process. We’re here to help you create a strategy with a basic blueprint so that you can achieve your home ownership goals!

There are some important considerations when making the decision to buy a home. Buying a home is much more than just being able to make a down payment or to get approved for a mortgage.

For those in the beginning stages, it is important to understand your current financial situation and learn how save for home ownership. Or, maybe you’re ready to purchase with a down payment in hand, it will be important to know what to expect for closing costs and the learn tips in your home search. No matter which stage you’re in, this guide will help assist you on your home ownership path.

So why might YOU buy?

There are many great reasons to buy, some of these include:


As a homeowner, you get the benefit of controlling your future. You are your own landlord, you can upgrade and customize your house any way you can imagine. It also provides you with the benefit of stability with an eye for the future.


Why pay for your landlords house when you can pay for your own! As you make each monthly mortgage payment, you are contributing to your equity. This will allow you to borrow money if, in the future if you need to make renovations, go on a vacation, or pay for your kids education. More importantly, it provides you with a sound investment for retirement.


The Canadian market has been appreciating in value for quite a few years now. By eliminating rent payments you increase your equity. Buying a home is one of the safest and smartest investments you can make.

For a list of subjects and points you can expect to read about in the series, see below:

Are you Ready?

How to Save!

  • Where to Start!
  • FREE downloadable Cash Flow Analysis
  • How to Save and keep your lifestyle!
  • Create a REAL Plan

How to Look for a home

  • Pre-Shopping
  • House Viewing
  • Narrowing it Down

The Buying Process

  • Offers, Negotiation and Paperwork
  • Home Insurance and Closing Costs

Mortgage Basics

You’re a Homeowner! What now?

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