Should You Use A Mortgage Broker or Bank? (Video)

So, picture this you're about to head on out and buy your first house or, make a change to your current mortgage and wondering.."What is the best mortgage for me? Should I go fixed or variable? How do I pay it off faster?..." And a million other questions; Where do you go?

Well, historically or even still your intuition would be to go to the bank that gave you your mortgage because "they know me and will give me the best advice".....Mistake #1.

All too often people forget, banks are a business just like any other and make business in selling you products, charging interest and acquiring as much of your money as they can.

This is where a Mortgage Brokers' role is so important!

As an unbiased & LICENSED advisor, we have built relationships with dozens of top lenders which range from Banks (maybe even yours), Credit Unions, Mortgage Financing Companies and even Private lending solutions.

There are countless reasons to get independent advice but we've put together our top reasons in this list below:

  1. Options, Options, Options - we advise you and help you pick the TOP options from our selection.
  2. Education and Advice - what good is a tool if you don't know how to use it? We ONLY do mortgages and home financing tools so you can bet we are experts and love to GET IT DONE.
  3. Flexibility - Online, Over the Phone, In Person? Which ever works for your lifestyle, we're here for you!
  4. NO COST - Since we are nearly always compensated by your chosen lender you get expert advise and access to better products (saving you time & money) for no additional cost!

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