So...What is a Pre-Approval? (Video)

So, you're thinking about buying your first, or 2nd home or maybe an investment property and wondering.."How much am I approved for? What options are available? How do I get started". We can tell you that your first step will be to contact us, your mortgage broker team. Your second step will be to get a PRE-APPROVAL!

So Let's Break it down!

What is a Pre Approval?

  1. Application
    1. We can start this ONLINE or over the phone. We gather information about your personal details, employment information and assets or liabilities!
  2. Documents
    1. Depending on your goals and income we will request documents that the lender will require to understand your situation!
  3. Credit
    1. We review your credit report to confirm your options!
  4. Downpayment
    1. The lender requires confirmation of how much money and where it is coming from!

We also ensure your rate is held by submitting your application for a 120 day day rate hold which is very important while shopping so that you ensure peace of mind on while you shop for a home!

Why Get Pre Approved?

  1. Prepare
    1. So you can focus MORE on the house hunt and less on the financing. This also provides us the opportunity to hunt for better options with more time!
  2. Budget
    1. We help, and recommend you take the information during the pre-approval to build out your budget.
  3. Less Stress
    1. Your offer will be more likely to be accepted with our pre approval letter, and you can focus on the house hunt with one less thing to think about.

How to Start

  1. Decide you're interested in buying/selling or re-financing
  2. Call / Click / or Email us!

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