What Happens?...When You Sign at Your Lawyer or Notary (Video)

Welcome to our "What Happens?" series where we break down and demystify the mortgage and home buying process that are often forgotten or confusing for borrowers from the outside looking in.

Let's break down what actually happens AFTER you have signed your mortgage approval. Believe it or not, there is still work to be done, read and watch so we can break it down:

  1. Final Review - We will send your signed paperwork along with any outstanding conditions to your lender and they will complete a final review. If the lender has any questions about your file we will let you know immediately, in most cases this is just a formality.
  2. Property Insurance - If you are purchasing a home you will require property insurance before visiting the lawyer. We would love to recommend a trusted partner to help you with your insurance, just let us know and we'll connect you!
  3. Instructions - We will notify you once the instructions have been sent to your lawyer. They will use these instructions to co-ordinate your mortgage details and register the property into your name.

Please take one minute to watch the video below explaining this process in detail.