[Video] Weekly Rate Update - Subject Free Offers..How to protect yourself!

Subject Free Offers..How to protect yourself!

What's Happening?  

Faced with the prospects of having to make offers more and more competitive, more buyers are waiving their rights to "back out" and are deciding to go "Subject Free!"

This means, they place their non-refundable deposit upon completion and lose it if they back out!

So, What do we do different?

Well, we never recommend any of our clients go Subject Free, however in the chance they are we go through an extremely thorough process pre-offer process including the following details.

  1. Income - we collect and review all income & employment documents, go as far as to call your employer and ask as many questions as a lender might.
  2. Downpayment - we review all of the funds used for the downpayment from each source, each transfer, each deposit and ask all of the tough questions.
  3. Credit - let's resolve any unpaid debts, answer any questions, look at any possible questions a lender might.
  4. Property - the BIG one, consider hiring a home inspector or appraiser in advance of your offer. Also, for strata, look through the b
  5. Lenders - There are so many lender options, we like to review your preferred first, 2nd option and so on.
  6. Strategy - We prefer to connect in advance to talk about your options in best and worst case scenarios!

Why Can You Do? 😎

  1. Reach out to us If you are THINKING about buying or Refinancing
  2. Send This Info & Video to everyone you know who is buying or selling or maybe refinancing Remember: they may be thinking of a refinance, investment property OR know a friend who is currently thinking of buying.
  3. Send them our way and we will give them an estimate of their before and after rule pre-qualification.
  4.  Contact us early to get ahead of the game, even if your mortgage is not up for renewal until next year.

How to Start Reach US! 📲

  1. Call 604.619.3319 / Click / or Email us!
  2. Book a call - www.calendly.comd/alexmcfadyen

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