[Video] 3 ways you can SELL before buying πŸ€”

Are you in a situation where you're thinking about buying a house before selling or have you already bought a house and you can't sell your home?

Well, we have three ways that you can get around that.

#1 - "Re-Finance & Buy"

Now option number one is if you have a home right now, we may be able to take the equity or refinance your existing home to help you buy that second home and turn your existing property into a rental. In doing so, we can borrow up to 80% of your property's CURRENT VALUE and utilize the rental income on your property to help you qualify and carry TWO properties!

#2 - Interalia or Interim Financing

Number two is what we call an interalia or a blanket mortgage and what this is is basically where we take the value over both of the properties and lend you money up to a percentage of the maximum value of both properties. Once the one property is sold, it pays out the mortgage and we put a new mortgage on the next home.

#3 - Co-Applicant

The third option is to consider a co-applicant, if you have someone who's a very strong co-applicant that can go on the file of one of the mortgages, this may allow you to use their income and assets to carry both properties.

Now we hope you're not in that situation, but if you are, make sure to make us your first call. We have experience with this as well as a whole lot of other mortgage matters.

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