[Video] How to pick a REALTOR! When buying a home 🏡

When choosing the TEAM to represent you in buying a home, there are some KEY components...your Mortgage Broker, your lawyer, your inspector, and of course your REALTOR.

Here are the KEY things you should look for when choosing a realtor and how to find one!

Alright, so here you go, the why, the how and a few other questions answered about picking a realtor

Why should you use a Realtor when buying a home?

  • Finding your dream property or investment can be a lot more involved than searching the MLS. You may not know that real estate agents have access to properties days, if not a week before you see them. In addition some offices and agents share there properties to sell a property quicker before it is listed, there are some agents who will even knock on doors in neighbourhoods!
  • With contracts and negotiation your agent is your guide with their support you are able to negotiate various terms such as price, dates, additional items to come with the house and so on.
  • Expertise...you wouldn't pay a handyman to run electrical wires throughout your brand new home. You need an electrician. Just like this scenario, an agent does this for a living and you benefit from their experience.

How do you pick a Realtor?

  • ASK US!! We're like your secret insider, being in touch with 100's of agents each year we make sure to take stock and build relationships with the best in the business so that we can support our clients.
  • Research, Google, Facebook and other sources, do they have reviews? Are they recent? Are they active with purchases? What is their demeanour?
  • Meeting - this is like your FIRST experience, do they come prepared? do they educate you? Did they listen? Last but not least, how did they make you feel?

Other Questions?

  • There is NO COST when using a realtor to help you buy a home!! They are paid by the party which is selling the property.
  • A GOOD Realtor should be looking out for you LONG TERM, which means even after the sale. As you know, this is part of our client policy, we look to create clients for life and look for agents who do the same!

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