Mortgage Document Checklist

Alex McFadyen - Mortgage Document Checklist

Alex McFadyen - Mortgage Document Checklist

It goes without saying that being prepared when going purchasing a home and applying for a mortgage is very important. Having your documents ready will make the process go smoother, it can also increase the likelihood of securing better rates. Most importantly it will reduce the stress of running around trying to find documents with a deadline fast approaching.

I will work along side you to help you understand and collect your documents. Although not every document on this list is always needed (in some cases, other documents may be requested) it is important to have them ready in order to further reinforce your application.

Income Verification

  • Copy of latest two pay stubs
  • T4 (2 years)
  • Letter of Employment (Includes: Job status/hourly rate or salary/time with company on company letterhead with signature)
  • T1 General or Notice of assessments (Most common with self employed, overtime or commissioned employees)*

Confirmation of Down Payment

  • Bank account or other statements showing 90 days of down payment amount (must show name, account information and current balance)
  • Sale of existing home (copy of sale agreement)
  • Gift Letter
  • RRSP information and receipts


  • Void Cheque
  • Solicitor Information - One can be recommended if you do not have a solicitor (firm name, solicitors name and full address) 

If you have any questions or would like any help preparing documents contact me.