[Video] How To Get A Mortgage - The Mortgage Process

Ok, so you are thinking about buying, refinancing or pulling equity out of your property.

Ever wonder, what exactly ARE the steps to getting Pre Approved for a mortgage?

Here is what you can expect in your Mortgage Journey!

Step 1: Get in touch!

  • The first step of providing you with exceptional advice and options is for you to reach out. You can do this via. EMAIL / PHONE (604-619-3319) / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM pretty much any way you want!

Step 2: Application / Documents

  • The goal of gathering your application is to gather as much information about you as possible to help build your story and support your mortgage application.
  • The documents is where YOU come in, we need your help gathering some of your income, downpayment and personal documents to put the pieces of the puzzle in place.

Step 3: Review & Pre Approval

  • When we have everything in place we pre-approve you, of course our goal is to provide you with an accurate pre approval with everything provided though after our planning session (see below) we may alter it for you. We also provide a guaranteed 120 day rate hold which protects you against rising rates with one of our top lenders.

Step 4: Mortgage Planning Session

  • As one of our clients you will receive only the best education and support from our team including a customized mortgage planning session where we will:

    • Review your application

    • Explain the different lending options and teach you how to get the best product and rate for you.

    • Teach you about the process and how to not only save time, but save stress and money!

Step 5: Go Shopping!

  • Time to go find your home, or if you're doing a re-finance, time to pick the product and move forward! This is where we really get moving!

What To Do Next? 😎

  1. Reach out to us If you are THINKING about buying or Refinancing
  2. Send This Info & Video to everyone you know who is buying or selling or maybe refinancing Remember: they may be thinking of a refinance, investment property OR know a friend who is currently thinking of buying.
  3. Send them our way and we will give them an estimate of their before and after rule pre-qualification.
  4.  Contact us early to get ahead of the game, even if your mortgage is not up for renewal until next year.

How to Start Reach US! 📲

  1. Call 604.619.3319 / Click / or Email us!
  2. Book a call - www.calendly.comd/alexmcfadyen

More Questions or READY to get started!?

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