Home Buyers Guide: How To Look For A Home

How To Look For a Home

Written By: Joe Pratap , Alex McFadyen & Kevin Parton

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The process of looking for a home can be broken down into a couple of straight forward points, and with the help of a licensed realtor® the search can be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Pre Shopping

The best way for prospective and excited home buyers to start a search is with internet pre shopping.  Pre shopping is basically using the most available resources (internet, books, newspapers) in order to gain an understanding of what is out there and what you might be interested in. Generally, your best resources are online as they are constantly updated and easily accessible. Below is a list of the top websites to begin your search:

Top Websites

  1. Realtor.ca.  This website is a complete resource of the MLS listings in your area of interest. There are multiple search parameters that can easily be set and navigated.  If you have a smartphone (Android/iPhone/Blackberry) there is a free downloadable app which uses GPS to help track areas of interest. - www.realtor.ca
  2. Craigslist.org Craigslist is a useful tool because it shows you exactly what is out there for sale in an area you may want to live in. Like Realtor.com, Craigslist also lists homes for sale by brokerage firms (another Realtor and his/her company), and in addition it has homes for sale by owner. - www.craigslist.org
  3. YouTube.com Often overlooked when house searching, homebuyers have began turning to Youtube as a useful resource. To take advantage of YouTube, type a home address, area or complex name into the search bar for a list of videos.  The videos can guide you around the homes, neighbourhoods and allow you to see what they look like in a walk through. A good realtor will always upload a video of each listing on youtube that shows a virtual tour. - www.youtube.com

Using A Realtor

Now that you have a rough idea of what it is you are looking for your, Realtor will help guide you in narrowing down your search.    Your licensed realtor has been trained, and is up to date on the most current Real estate knowledge.  They have expertise in dealing in specific regions and cities. They are also able to negotiate terms and pricing. Their expertise will assist you in areas that you may or may not have experience in.

*Did you know when buying a home the services of a licensed Realtor are free to you?  Your Realtor is paid by the seller and sellers' Realtor in a Real estate transaction.

Home Viewings

The real fun part of the home buying process starts with home viewings. Your Realtor will begin to set up appointments to view homes privately or take you through open houses in your areas of interest.  It is a good idea to have a check list prepared ahead of time This will come in handy when re-calling your options and assist you in your purchasing decision.For a free and extensive list click the link below:

>> Home Buyers Check List - Click to download <<

It is important to remember when doing a home search that there are other potential buyers in your area. This is another incentive to be prepared, it will allow you to be a more efficient and effective home buyer.  When you locate the home or homes that you are interested in making an offer on, your check list will be an invaluable resource for evaluating your purchasing options.

Don't Get Emotionally Attached

You are buying what could arguably be your largest asset, your home.  It is important not to get too caught up in the whirlwind of the moment. It’s important to stay composed. A home can sell very fast so you do not want to become too emotionally attached to one specific home.  The best advice we can offer comes from a Realtor of over 50 years of experience, “think of the home buying process like a high stakes game of poker, you always want to keep your poker face on.” This is especially true when the offer comes into play.


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