Video: Going Subject Free? Protect Yo' Self!

Subjects!!! What the heck are those?

In a sellers market as we have seen right now in Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and through out BC, buyers tend to use any and all tactics to "win" the property they're bidding on. In general the fewer subjects, the more appealing the offer for the seller as it takes away the "safety net" and option to back out from the buyer and nearly guarantees a sale.

With that being said, if you have made the decision to go subject free, you should probably do your homework team up with professionals who know what to look for!

Make sure to CONTACT ME so I can teach you the tips to protect yourself going subject free and put you in touch with an agent who is experienced in the matter as well.

Check out this 1:46 second video on getting Mortgage and winning the property with no subjects in your offer.