2015 Report: A Profile of Home Buying in Canada - Infographic

Today, CAAMP released its spring consumer report, A Profile of Home Buying in Canada.

The report, (written by Will Dunning, CAAMP's chief economist) focuses on people who purchased homes between 2013 and Q1 2015, 45% of whom were first-time buyers. The report offers a detailed profile of homebuyers in Canada during a period when the housing market was under great scrutiny.

It also provides an in-depth analysis of the economic health of the economy and its impact on the Canadian mortgage industry. Significant statistics have been highlighted below the infographic:

  • Since 2013, approximately 45% (280,000) of home buyers are first-time buyers
  • Of all home buyers, 13% (about 80,000) have no financing on their property and 67% (about 420,000) have a mortgage but no other financing
  • 18% of first-time buyers relied on gifts and loans from family for their downpayment; 10% used funds from their RRSP and 5% from their TFSA
  • 64% of purchasers borrowed less than 90% of their approved amount
  • 52% of mortgages were obtained from banks, 34% from mortgage brokers, and 10% from credit unions
  • Bank use is lowest for first-time buyers (47%) and highest for buyers who have purchased more than two homes (58%)
  • Use of mortgage brokers is most frequent for first-time buyers (39%) and lower for repeat buyers.
  • On average, the amortization period is 22.1 years. 22.7 years for first-time buyers
  • 70% of borrowers expect to repay their mortgage early, 16% expect to use the full amortization period and 14% expect to take longer than the contracted period.
  • Fixed rate mortgages are most common (72%), while 21% are variable or adjustable rate mortgages and 7% combine fixed and variable rates; most have five-year terms (67%)
  • The mortgage market remains extremely competitive in Canada. For home buyers who purchased their homes from 2013 to the present, the average mortgage interest rate is 3.00%.

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