The 5 C's of Credit

Getting a mortgage can be a nerve-wracking experience when you’re not sure what to expect. Take a few minutes to understand what lenders are looking for: The Five “C”s of credit:

Capacity: Your income from all sources will be compared against your monthly expenses.

Capital: Your downpayment demonstrates that you can save and accumulate assets.

Collateral: The lender’s assurance that the mortgaged property is marketable and can be re-sold.

Credit: Your habits in meeting your debt obligations; do you pay your bills on time?

Character: Are you sufficiently trustworthy to meet your obligations?

You want the lender to see that you and your business are a good investment, and we’ll be happy to help you make the best impression!

Remember, we're also experts in credit repair - want to buy a house and the bank turned you down or want to qualify for a better rate? Let us help guide you.

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