[Video] 3 Steps to a FASTER (and better) Approval!

Want to know how to get win an offer on a home!? They key... BE PREPARED! That's what we do best, so here are the 3 Steps to a FASTER (and BETTER) approval!

3 Steps to a Faster Approval

  1. Documents Reviewed: It may be surprising to hear, but nearly ALL banks and institutions DO NOT review your documents before providing you with a pre approval. This is the MAIN reason why many transactions fall apart and dreams are lost. We help you to avoid this frustration by reviewing your documents and searching for options or objections up front!

  2. Know Your Options: Why wait until the last minute when you've got an accepted offer to pick the product you want for the next 1-5 years!? We offer a MORTGAGE STRATEGY SESSION where we cover everything from YOUR application to Fixed vs. Variable and each step of the process PERSONALIZED to your needs.

  3. Have a good TEAM!: This business really is all about the PEOPLE, from a great Realtor (who we'd be happy to introduce you to) all the way down to the lawyer and home inspector. We've spent years building relationships with the BEST of the BEST to give you an amazing experience :)

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